2021-22 MEAL PLAN

The Raiders Basketball Booster Club helps arrange meals for our players and coaches.  This is not mandatory, and it is not a Booster Club fundraiser.  Meals are purchased by the players' families.  Arranging for and distributing the meals is a service the Booster Club provides to support our players and their busy families.

Assistance is available.  Send an email to the Board at RaiderBBC@gmail.com for details.

Please send completed forms and any questions to RaiderBBC@gmail.com.  The coaches are not involved in meal ordering or and will not be able to answer your questions.



Players can order meals organized by the Booster Club. You can choose whether you want meals for home games, road games, tournament games, or any combination of those. Assistance is available. Talk to any Booster Club officer for information. Differences in prices reflect differences in the number of games played. Email the completed form to RaiderBBC@gmail.com.

OPTION #1: HOME GAMES 2 Bush’s Chicken Finger Sandwiches, chips, fruit, water (about $3/meal)
OPTION #2: TOURNAMENT GAMES 2 Bush’s Chicken Finger Sandwiches, chips, fruit, water (about $3/meal)
OPTION #3: ROAD GAMES Regular Jimmy John’s Sandwich, chips, water (about $7/meal)


  1. Download and complete this form (PDF).

  2. Scan the form or take a picture and email it to RaiderBBC@gmail.com.

  3. Scan the QR Code on the form or visit this link to go to our PayPal site.

  4. On the PayPal site, enter the total cost of your plan, and write "Meal plan for [PLAYER NAME]​​" in the comment section so we can match your payment with your player's order.